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asakiyume ([personal profile] asakiyume) wrote in [personal profile] sovay 2017-07-04 06:30 pm (UTC)

Wow; I'm impressed that you were able to follow up and read the story, and I'm fascinated by the differences.

From the original story, it seems like the author had a pretty clear view on Euro/American presence in the Pacific and what it meant for local populations, and that he was appreciative of those populations' cultures. But I gather from your saying that some of his portrayals are "teeth-numbingly racist" (great descriptor, btw) that sometimes he's not that way at all. Is it that he's playing favorites with various "other" groups (i.e., Pacific islanders are okay but African Americans aren't), or something else?

characters that on the whole are drawn more vividly than deeply --what an excellent distinction.

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