sovay: (Morell: quizzical)
sovay ([personal profile] sovay) wrote2017-03-08 02:48 am

But where the air and heaven knows what else collide

So today was slightly more exciting than planned, by which I mean that I had expected to spend the morning running an errand with [ profile] gaudior (we got bagels; Fox was cranky and not falling asleep until I sang them "Oy dortn, dortn" and as much of "Irene, Goodnight," "Waltzing with Bears," and "Famous Blue Raincoat" as Gaudior and I could remember together and they went out like a light) and the afternoon and evening celebrating my mother's seventy-first birthday observed (my father made her a peach and nectarine cake with a custard layer and candles that burned like sparklers; she loved the books and the little salt-glazed vase with a motif of flames or orange leaves around the outside and springing up the inner lip), but nobody had expected to spend an hour at the ER tonight after one of [ profile] derspatchel's teeth decided to disintegrate. At least we have reliably helpful and friendly experiences at the Mount Auburn ER. He is doing better now. We are getting up very early tomorrow to call the dentist. But we had to fill his prescription at the all-night CVS in Porter Square, which meant that we might as well get some late-night shopping done at the Star Market, and I really hope the person the two girls in the checkout lane shouted "You look dapper!" at was me. I was the only person I saw within earshot who wasn't the cashier, but maybe they were a really dapper cashier.

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