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We did not see the dentist today. It was no go even on an emergency basis. [livejournal.com profile] derspatchel has an appointment at the end of the week and I understand that having one's name on a cancellation list only helps if another patient actually cancels, but neither of us is thrilled. I celebrated International Women's Day by wearing one of the three red items of clothing I own—my T-shirt for Octavian's Legio VI Victrix, a gift from [livejournal.com profile] rushthatspeaks—and performing a lot of emotional labor. This does not feel especially fair to me, although possibly emblematic. After dark, we got out of the house for about an hour, walking almost to Sullivan and then home by way of Union Square. My flat cap needs repairing again; I will have to go into Jamaica Plain for it. I had wanted to make a post about female characters, but what with one thing and another I did not get the chance. Autolycus spent most of the evening on my lap. He's here now, as a matter of fact. Hestia is sleeping beside Rob, as she has been for the last two or three hours; it is a well-known fact that the proximity of a small ferocious black cat who melts into belly-petting mode before reverting to her natural Venus flytrap encourages the immune system and the healing process. They are very good cats.

I am back to having the kind of political nightmares where I don't feel safe putting them on the internet. Last night's was especially bad. It is probably the reason I am still awake at this hour despite having slept a cumulative total of maybe six hours so far this week.

I wanted today to be a much better day.
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