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So we slogged through the flying snow to United Photo Industries and two of the authors had dropped out because of the weather and someone spilled coffee into my corduroy coat and I had a fantastic time at the Bestiary reading.

A surprising number of people had turned up despite the snow. Jack Ketchum read his introduction to the catalogue and a brief, haunting story of parenting and beasts. I read "Panopticon" about surveillance-eyed Argos Panoptes and chased it with three other Greek poems—"Σειρήνοιϊν," "The Lost Aphrodite," and the as yet unpublished "Ariadne in Queens." Alisa Kwitney read her character study of Teiresias and excerpts from a forthcoming novel about Frankenstein. Maria Dahvana Headley read her vignette about Empousa and excerpts from a forthcoming novel with volcanoes. I finally met Viktor Koen in person and got to tell him how much I loved working with the image of Argos and how much I covet the tintypes of the exhibition, an antique process documenting even more archaic creatures. Afterward there was book-signing and stuffed grape leaves and a random member of the audience turning out to have gone to high school with [livejournal.com profile] derspatchel and a somewhat less random member of the audience turning out to have submitted a name to the moon-naming contest I won with Vanth and it was still snowing by the time a rather large contingent of writers and editors went out to dinner, but we survived the Shackletonian trek to Henry's End in Brooklyn Heights and it was their annual Game Festival, so I had venison for dinner tonight, very rare, pepper-crusted, over parsnips and blackberry reduction, an unexpected and wonderful end to the day. Rob had turtle soup and said plaintively with two spoonfuls left, "Are there any more turtles on this boat?" [livejournal.com profile] ladymondegreen gave me a Bread and Roses pin for belated Hanukkah and kindly lent me her second-best winter hat, so that my ears did not freeze on the way home. I encountered one of my less often seen cousins and her boyfriend in the kitchen, watching a YouTube show about sushi.

All sorts of things need fixing, with my life and the world; this was a really good night.

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