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After a day and a half of sleepless headache, I have spent most of today in bed, which I am sure will be terrible for both my sleep schedule and my work productivity, but since it seems to have made the headache go away, at the moment I don't care. I have watched my first movies of the new year and this post is not about either of them.

Very unsurprisingly, my favorite thing about the original Ghostbusters (1984) is Harold Ramis' Egon Spengler. Deadpan Jewish ultra-nerd who wears all the sweater vests the '50's forgot, appears to subsist exclusively on junk food tempered by Chinese takeout, and firmly believes that self-trepanation is a reasonable life hack? Come on. He even collects spores, molds, and fungus, which is a godsend to a viewer who once farmed a terrarium of Dictyostelium discoideum in their parents' basement. (I fed it on E. coli, which I ordered through the mail from the Carolina Biological Supply Company. It arrived in vials and made the basement smell like gym socks. I am not sure that's even legal anymore.) I like his working friendship with Ray, in which they demonstrate the happy coexistence of different modes of mad science; I like his awkward, delicate relationship with Janine, which looks as though it might progress into a romance sometime around the next ice age. About the only thing about him that does not give me joy is his declaration that "Print is dead," although at least I have the fun of wondering what exactly he meant by that in 1984—does he listen to books on tape while doing dangerous things to the laws of physics? He doesn't look like someone who would go for movies, although then again neither did Wittgenstein. Maybe he's just really into video games. I did not grow up on Ghostbusters in the same way that I grew up on Singin' in the Rain (1952) or Splash (1984) or Arsenic and Old Lace (1944), but I managed even on glancing high-school acquaintance to imprint on Egon as both a favorite character and a kind of encouraging model. I mean, I like candy bars significantly less than he does and the most complicated piece of technology I ever built was a radio telescope, but I went for smart and weird every time I had the option and Egon was definitely that.

I remembered while walking over to meet [livejournal.com profile] gaudior and [livejournal.com profile] rushthatspeaks for dinner last night (Fox was there, too, but they don't eat linguine with roasted squash and fennel) that while the original and the reboot Ghostbusters exist in different continuities and the death of Harold Ramis meant Egon couldn't be alive in either of them, I still really want someone to write the crossover with him haunting the reboot team, a cheerfully pedantic, Oppenheimer-haired ghost very seriously studying his own afterlife and desperately confusing Kevin by first using long words and then exiting through a wall. Mostly I just want to watch him interact with Holtzmann, because smart and weird and different modes of mad science, and with Patty, albeit mostly because I think if he said "Print is dead" around her she would read him the riot act and/or have to exorcise him from her phone once he realized how many podcasts about obscure New York and supernatural history she's got on there. If anyone has written anything like this that you know about, please point me toward it.

This train of thought courtesy of Yuletide. My Christmas season was so hectic this year that I didn't get around to most of the collection until the last night of December when reveals were already starting to come out (and I'm still behind on a lot of it), but here are a handful of recommendations that have leapt out at me.

As with most things, he finds himself quite well aware that this is the midpoint of an arc, but the problem is that being a duellist begets duels, and duels beget other duels, until the begetting of them falls out of his hands and he falls face-first into a bottle with a bullet in his ass. )

This post completed in spite of Autolycus earnestly and repeatedly attempting to plant his butt on my hands as I typed. I think he's trying to take up blogging.
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