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sovay ([personal profile] sovay) wrote2019-03-17 06:27 pm

I know I've only brought you grief

I lost most of Friday to a migraine. Saturday I did not have a migraine and attended rehearsal, which was lovely, but then came home in the evening and collapsed with shrimp curry soup courtesy of [personal profile] choco_frosh. Today I appear to have a migraine again, or at least an escalation of headache to the point of nausea and the desire not to move from my bed or even turn my head and open my eyes, which is not for any number of reasons a viable option. I am not happy. I have written again to the ENT. I quietly ate some corned beef for the day.

1. Philip Hoare on boilersuits. [personal profile] rushthatspeaks and I agree that Derek Jarman would approve of the banner images. The article quite properly refers to him as "St. Derek."

2. Adam Gopnik on Diderot. I had never previously given him much thought, but this profile-review succeeds unequivocally in making me want to have a conversation with the philosopher or at least read his novel with the talking genitalia.

3. I started reading this story because of the title and finished it because of the prose: Quintan Ana Wikswo's "The Fisherman Bombardier of Naval Station Norfolk: A Performance in Four Generations, Three Races, and Too Many Genders to Name."

4. Courtesy of [personal profile] moon_custafer: Art Deco and Streamline Moderne radios. I visit a couple of those at the MFA.

5. I keep forgetting that "The Good Ship Calabar" is the same tune as "The Handsome Cabin Boy." This is probably because I don't actually like "The Handsome Cabin Boy" very much.

I watched a couple of movies last night, but I am not writing about anything because my concentration is shot from pain, and I hate that perhaps even more than I hate being in pain. I spend a lot of my life in pain. I have to get something out of it anyway.

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