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And when you look ahead and the road appears to be without end, you can take me by the hand

Everything about the perspective in this picture worries me faintly, but here I am with my niece (and my niece's favorite wig) and my brother. My father entitled it "Bunny ears for three."

My plans for the evening involve falling over on the couch with this paperback of Aster Glenn Gray's Briarley (2018) that [personal profile] asakiyume has very kindly sent me. Have some links!

1. Given my general interests, I really feel I should have known that Anne Carson has written a stage work for Ben Whishaw and Renée Fleming about the myths of Marilyn Monroe and Helen of Troy: Norma Jeane Baker of Troy.

2. Roger Miller of Mission of Burma and the Alloy Orchestra is running a Kickstarter. I have donated almost entirely because I want to see his short film with music The Davis Square Symphony, which is intended in the same family as Dziga Vertov's Man with a Movie Camera (1929) and Walter Ruttmann's Berlin: Symphony of a Metropolis (1927) and Charles Sheeler and Paul Strand's Manhatta (1921) and I've never seen that done with a place I actually live.

3. I felt very useful for having been able to point a friend on Facebook toward Mesopotamian ghost bribery: "If (you are) in Ulūlu . . . The 24th (is appropriate for getting) a ghost to afflict (a person) «not» binding (a ghost) to a person, «not» entrusting a person's figurines to a dead person (and) giving a ghost water to drink so that he will take (punishment for) a wrong away (with him to the Nether World)." (The extraneous "not"s appear to be apotropaic cancellations, not actually part of the instructions.)

4. The Tumblr part of this post is not so important to me, but the rest of it seems useful: "First thing I want to say is that it is not necessary for fiction to be good for people's mental health."

5. Courtesy of [personal profile] yhlee: queenofbithynia on separating the art from the artist. "an artist, since she is a human being, can learn, grow, repent, change, atone, and so on during her lifetime. but her art, since it is in fact separate from her, cannot and will not grow and improve alongside the artist."

I forgot to mention because the Lambda news knocked me sideways: [personal profile] selkie discovered that I am going to be the reading club book for August of the Rainbow Readers of Massachusetts, a queer book group based out of Annie's Book Stop of Worcester. I had no idea this was happening and am honored. Do I even know anyone in Worcester?
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(The extraneous "not"s appear to be apotropaic cancellations, not actually part of the instructions.)

“DO NOT leave this grape concentrate in a cool cupboard for 21 days, or it might ferment and turn into wine.”
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It's a cool photo and I can see why it's her favourite wig!
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That's a great photo and a great wig.

Such wonderful news about the reading club!
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1. I would like to see that!

4. Tumblr is so exhausting. I really really want the concept that fiction has to be Improving to die with the Victorians, but alas...

Congrats on the book club 💕
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Oh, my heart, your niece is so cute. And it looks like you both have the same dimples.

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I haven't been "in" Worcester for decades, but I grew up there, and patronized that Annie's long, long ago :)
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1. Wow, what? That's amazing.
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Aw, your niece is very cute! It's a fabulous wig.

4. In things that really ought to go without saying, if only we all had some perspective and common sense, but alas fandom. (And it is fandom rather than tumblr; tumblr and twitter just enable certain things easier by their structure, because it's all so public and global across the site, despite the terrible search function.*

*watch me fail again to find pretty much any gifset made by anybody else that I used to have before I accidentally deleted everything.

Oh, talking of tumblr, one more Element: Zinc

I have now come to the end of any I had any ideas for; if it would amuse or cheer you at all, feel free to give me a suggestion or two of which to do next (fancasting optional). <3

5. Congratulations! I am sure the book club are in for a treat. :-D

ETA: TheBigCat has started up an incorrectsapphireandsteel tumblr which is also amusing.
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Oh, very nice! I like Alec McCowen in general. Please write him.

I'm sure I will, when I stop feeling rotten sometime. :-D

I like Alec McCowen, too - aside from other things, he managed to be in both the BBC Shakespeares I was forced to watch for A-Level. (He was a very good Malvolio indeed and a good but strangely scary Chorus in Henry V.) I got these pics mostly from Mr Palfrey of Westminster which is an almost unknown little 80s spy drama series that is pure 1970s TV at its best. There's not much of it, and it takes at least three episodes before it starts getting good, but when it does it's beautiful. It was script-edited (and/or produced, now I forget as he did both) by Michael Chapman, my absolute favourite old telly script editor/producer. (I mostly follow actors about, but I had a lovely time following Michael Chapman about till I ran out of things far too quickly ALAS burnination, which was how I discovered Mr Palfrey). Anyway, Alec McCowen is particularly lovely in it as Mr Palfrey, who is very compassionate, musical and quietly a ruthless spycatcher and not only that, his boss is Caroline Blakiston. A Present From Leipzig is a nice intro (& other highlights include the one where they want to murder Leslie Phillips and Music of a Dead Prophet, although I side-eye the actual plot at the heart of it, the rest is amazing, and the plot may well be borrowed from rl, given that Michael Chapman tends to be a thorough researcher. RL is frequently done by a hack writer!)

ANYWAY, sorry. I must stop waving bits of old tv about everywhere, but Alec McCowen is just perfect in it and it's a very interesting and sometimes beautiful bit of cardboard telly, and there is sadly very little of it.

Hm. Thank you. I will contemplate.

I am open to ideas! I was enjoying making them! But don't worry if not; I'm sure I will come up with some more sometime. <3
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That sounds delightful. I'll look for it.

I included links to the episodes on YT & the person has the entire playlist up (although it's not quite in order, and, honestly, don't watch the sequel pilot as it is a complete waste of time and doesn't have Alec McCowen or Caroline Blakiston, while the series pilot is also a bit of an oddity made separately for an anthology show of possible pilot episodes called Storyboard, although it is interesting - mostly a sort of two-hander between Alec McCowen and Tim Piggott-Smith, but nothing much like the rest of the series & the outcome is spoiled by the existence of the series. (Which is the traitor? Well, somehow I don't think it can be Alec McCowen, lol.) It might have a R1 release, too, I suppose, but I very much doubt it, so I would think it's the YT upload or nothing.

Why? I've been meaning for two days to ask your opinion on Wish Me Luck, which I only just learned about.

Heh, well, constantly recommending things that are often unavailable and move at the speed of mud and come replete with the attitudes of the times (or occasionally worse), could be seen as a nuisance! My misspent years of illness, there we are...

Wish Me Luck, though, is a good one! Rather more straight-forward than some - v action-y, but v female-centric. It was made by the Tenko team, and though it's never as good as Tenko, it's also pretty good. The third series loses a lot of the regulars and is less female-centric and not quite the same, but the campaign it's based on has a massively nasty ending, which WML is impressively angry about, so it was still worth seeing. It also has Julian Glover being sarcastic but amazingly not evil back at base in S1-2, and at least Jane Asher is in it all the way through (another base character. She's not married to Julian Glover, as they seem to feel they need to keep pointing out. Probably because they hold hands on airfields and things. Very military.)

It does not have Dr Bea and Sister Ulrika, though! (Hence it not being as good as Tenko.) (Interestingly enough, much of the same team also were involved in The House of Eliott, which was lighter but also another very female-led historical, which, like WML, I watched and loved growing up.)
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Great pic! :o)

I know people in Worcester but it may be a different one!
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it is a good photo but i will admit it’s also the most eldritch photo i’ve seen of you.
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That book club has excellent taste, and are clearly going to have the best August meeting ever.

That tumblr post made me think of when I read Cormac McCarthy's The Road. I ultimately loved the book and found it very moving. But reading it was not at all good for my mental state.
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Whoa! Genetics!
(We know a very good line of bold hair dyes suitable for youngish children. I believe Child started at 7 [no bleach]).

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Do you know Alena McNamara? She lives in Worcester.

That photo is as wonderful as the one of Autolycus enjoying his birthday salmon, in an entirely different way.
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I'm trying to see if they still are... one moment ... Yes, they are

I see them most on Twitter but have also socialized a couple of times IRL.
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Thanks for the links!
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Adorable photo! I love the wig.

"Norma Jean Baker of Troy" sounds amazing, and I am absolutely going to have to try and get tickets.

Congratulations on the book club!