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sovay ([personal profile] sovay) wrote2019-02-06 03:27 pm

What doesn't last gets swallowed whole

Still coughing. Still worried about traveling tomorrow. Slept eight hours without taking codeine syrup, however, so I must be getting better. Everything outside is crumpled brown and autumnal, one of those flat skimmed-milk overcasts that looks like someone developed the sky wrong. Still looking forward to New York.

Night Shade Books has announced the cover and table of contents of Paula Guran's Mythic Journeys: Myths and Legends Retold! I am delighted to be part of that lineup. Appearing alongside Tanith Lee's "The Gorgon" is strange and poignant; that was one of her first collections I found and read when I started seriously seeking her out in college, and one of the more important to me. I am glad I was in an anthology with her when she was alive.


1. Courtesy of [personal profile] ladymondegreen: "Jacqueline Steiner, 94, Lyricist Who Left Charlie on the M.T.A., Dies." He got into my poem "Kalligeneia 2012," that's how much of a numen of the Boston underworld Charlie is. I don't want to say celebrate his creator by getting stuck on public transit, but I can't think of many other appropriate forms of remembrance, unless it's MBTA reform.

2. I like this poem a lot as an engagement with Justice: Jimmy Santiago Baca, "Waiting."

3. Thirty-one phonograph recordings, made in 1890 as a test run to "salvage" an expected-to-vanish culture, now returned to the descendants of the recorded for ceremonial, practical, and above all tribal purposes: "The Passamaquoddy Reclaim Their Culture Through Digital Repatriation."

4. As someone who was forced out of grad school by a combination of medical issues and an institution that didn't want to believe or support me through them, much of this article resonated to the point of being painful to read: "How to Make Grad School More Humane."

5. I find this print stunning: Belkis Ayón, "Sin Título (Sikán con Chivo)." I don't think I'd heard of the artist.

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