sovay: (Sydney Carton)
sovay ([personal profile] sovay) wrote2019-02-02 03:37 pm

Of the things I left unsaid and the regrets I'm yet to have

Report from the frontiers of patent medicine: cough syrup with codeine is not a perfect remedy in that I still woke at least twice in the night, coughing badly, and my chest and throat still felt bruised when I got up. On the other hand, I didn't get up until I had stayed in bed nearly eleven hours, the vast majority of which I was not conscious for. I dreamed of attending some kind of museum exhibition in D.C. with a friend group who mostly don't exist in real life—gold coins and sirens—but I said something I shouldn't have at dinner.

Tonight [personal profile] spatch is for a wonder not working at the theater, so the plan is to eat ramen and see Stan & Ollie (2018) at the Coolidge. I feel absolutely useless. I am trying to divest wanting to see a movie from the weight of failing to write about anything, because I want the Protestant work ethic even less than I want TB.

Happy Candlemas. Have an invocation to St. Brigid: Emma Christian, "Vreeshey, Vreeshey."

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