sovay: (Psholtii: in a bad mood)
sovay ([personal profile] sovay) wrote2019-01-30 01:48 pm

As mountains burn and skies renew

God damn it, I am even sicker today. My head is crushingly congested. I've lost part of my voice. I stay awake coughing all night. [edit: And all afternoon!] I have had maybe six days since October when I wasn't sick and they were mostly Arisia. People said lovely things about how I sounded last night. I have so much practice impressing people when I am ill or in pain or otherwise impaired, I feel I should come off like a superhero when I'm healthy. I'd love the chance to find out.

I wanted to write about movies. And see a movie this evening. Or do anything that utilized my brain at all. I am going to lie on this couch and watch more Iron Fist (2017–18).

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