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[personal profile] psychopathicus_rex and [personal profile] icon_uk debate the definition of "folklore":

PSYCHOPATHICUS_REX: Not to be pedantic, but (werewolves being vulnerable only to silver bullets) is strictly Hollywood - any old bullet will do. Don't muck up your folkloric credentials now!

ICON_UK: As folklore is more or less completely made up, I fail to see how Hollywood isn't as valid a source as anywhere else, considering how humans everywhere always LOVE turning things into stories.

PSYCHOPATHICUS_REX: Well, the way I look at it, Hollywood folklore is stuff you KNOW is made up - traditional folklore has generally been around for a long time, and at least stands a chance of being true. Personally, I'm a bit of a mystical type by inclination, so I prefer to give it the benefit of the doubt.

ICON_UK: I think I'm more of a Granny Weatherwax type in such things. Folklore is lore told by "folk", and how reliable have people you think of as "folk" ever been? :)

Context discusses magic, headology, and Gen-X British comics fans' Friend On The Other Side.
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^ Asking for a neighbor who is not on Davis Sq DW. Please contact me if you have a slide projector to loan. Thanks!

Public forum on gas leaks

2017-05-16 21:06
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At the Ward 5 Resistat this evening, I was reminded of an upcoming event by the Mothers Out Front representative. They are concerned with gas leaks from aging pipes throughout our city. These have been mapped and tagged, but there's a lot more to be done to get them fixed.

These gas leaks are even enough to be registered on our city's greenhouse gas assessment as something that should be reduced as we aim for carbon neutral city status. 

MOF are hosting a public forum on Saturday on this issue:  Facebook details

Non-facebook details: https://mothersoutfrontsomerville.nationbuilder.com/

Quick summary info: 
On SATURDAY, MAY 20th at 2 p.m. at the East Somerville Community School we will hold a public forum on gas leaks with Somerville state rep Christine Barber (sponsor of key upcoming gas leaks legislation), other elected officials and experts and representatives from National Grid and Eversource.
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Public Meeting Wednesday, May 17 6:00 Kennedy School Library regarding the Summer St/Shaft Site Development:

(Don't know how to do a cut here... sorry)
RTNs 3-33735 AND 3-34098

A release of oil and/or hazardous materials has occurred at this location, which is a disposal site as defined by M.G.L. c. 21E, §2 and the Massachusetts Contingency Plan, 310 CMR 40.0000. On March 8, 2017, 351 Summer LLC received a petition from residents in Somerville requesting public involvement in any Immediate Response Actions and/or Release Abatement Measures taking place at this disposal site, in accordance with M.G.L. c. 21E §14(a) and 310 CMR 40.1403(9). As a result, a public meeting will be held in the 3rd Floor Library at the John F. Kennedy School, 5 Cherry Street, Somerville, MA at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, May 17, 2017 to present information on completed Immediate Response Actions and planned Release Abatement Measures and solicit public comment on same.

Any questions regarding this meeting should be directed to Robert H. Bird, LSP, EnviroTrac Ltd., 2 Merchant Street, Suite 2, Sharon, MA 02067, (781) 793-0074.

The disposal site file can be viewed at the MassDEP website using Release Tracking Numbers (RTNs) 3-33735 and 3-34098 at http://public.dep.state.ma.us/SearchableSites2/Search.aspx or at the MassDEP Northeast Regional Office, 205B Lowell Street,Wilmington, MA 01887. A public information repository has been established at the Somerville Central Library, 79 Highland Avenue, Somerville, MA 02143.

Golden Delight closure

2017-05-13 23:10
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Anyone know what's going on with Golden Delight on College Ave? The sign says they're closed for renovations, but I'm pretty sure they just renovated about a year ago. Also, it's kind of depressing to see this going down along with Deli-cious. Oat Shop is the lone bright spot (although they really should open earlier; I feel like they're missing a lot of potential customers by opening at 7am).
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Forgive the perpective but I wasn't about to stand more in the middle of the roadway than this :)

There's a newly painted road mural in the middle of Davis Square commemorating Somerville's 175th anniversary. It has a picture of Prospect Hill Tower with the flag, Somerville 175, and words around the dge.

I think it's the logo here on Somerville's website.
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(Havurat Shalom is a small Jewish congregation affiliated with the Jewish renewal movement. that resides on College Avenue in an unassuming yellow house next to the house with the giant face on it.)


Havurat Shalom is joining Cambridge's Humanist Jewish community Kahal B'raira in their project to collect donations for refugees. They, in turn, are participating in a drive organized by Boston Friends for Refugee Support and Nu Day Syria. There are plastic boxes on the front and back porches of the Havurah for you to drop off (in new or very good condition, please)
- feminine products.
- children's clothing
- women's clothing, comfortable shoes
- sheets & towels
- stuffed animals

The deadline for contributing is May 20.
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