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Past astro borders, Zeno lies waiting

Not only is the MBTA today made of pure butt, I don't like their new website, either. The user interface is less intuitive to interact with and the trip planner's ideas of directions are more confusing. I'm impressed, but maybe I'll just stick to paper schedules from now on.

1. I forgot to mention that the podcast in which I participated at NecronomiCon is now free to stream online: The Outer Dark 016: Live from NecronomiCon 2017. Other participants are the excellent Craig Laurance Gidney, Scott R. Jones, Stephen Graham Jones, and Peter Straub, with Scott Nicolay hosting and Anya Martin moderating. I seem to have overestimated how carefully I need to speak for radio, but it was a lot of fun.

2. Anthony Lane not liking The Limehouse Golem (2016) does not deter me from wanting to see it, since he consistently underestimates almost anything that counts as genre, but I am glad at least he appreciates Bill Nighy:

No film in which Bill Nighy appears can ever be discounted. Rakish, dapper, not quite ruined, quavering with half-concealed amusement, courteous toward a fallen world, and somehow both urbane and faintly spectral, he could have stepped straight out of a Sargent portrait. I can imagine him in spats. What a pleasure it is, then, to see him in a frock coat and a spotted necktie, stalking the London streets. In "The Limehouse Golem," set in 1880, he plays Inspector Kildare of Scotland Yard, whose career as a detective has been held back, it is whispered, because he is "not the marrying kind." The role was originally to have been played by Alan Rickman, who died last year—a passing as hard to accept as that of Severus Snape—and Nighy was cast instead. Rickman's Kildare would have been more insidious, perhaps, with a deeper drawl, and more likely to be suspected of the crimes that he was deputed to solve. Nighy, as sensitive as a seismograph, approaches them with a shudder.

3. Courtesy of [profile] strange_selkie: different kinds of manual labor being done really well, which means really beautifully because efficiency generally is. Some of it is performance flair, but some of it is just practical and also ridiculous.
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I agree with you about the website; among other things, the new version makes the announcements of delays and disruptions, accidental or planned, less noticeable. that might make them feel better, but as a user, if there's a problem with the red line, i'd like to know before i go downstairs at Davis.
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I look forward to listening to the podcast!
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Thanks for linking to the podcast - I'm listening to it now! It's good to hear you talk (as well as others).

*Anthony Lane not liking The Limehouse Golem*

Well, that sells it to me! (He really missed the point of "Pacific Rim", didn't he?) I'd forgotten this film was coming out; loved the original novel. And Nighy sounds *wonderful*.

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I like the way that (it seems to me) the temtacles aren't coming from *umder* the serape, but are *part* of it. (I did just watch Dr. Strange recently...)
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"Eldritch Spaghetti."

Holy fuck. I wish all Westerns had been like that. It would have made Sunday afternoons (there always had to be a Western playing, don't ask me why, damn stupid British TV) a whole lot more bearable.
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Mostly, it makes it more difficult to see the entire bus schedule, and basically hides things. but its incorporating (one of) the bus locator apps is coolish. All in all, though, clunky.
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It does seem to be sporadic in its effectiveness, yes. I've gotten it to work on my phone and my computer, but not my tablet. It Is A Mystery.
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2. heh, well, yes, that sounds like an immediate recommendation! ;-)
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I will watch anything with a Bill Nighy in, which means I've seen many British shows where Bill Nighy is the very best part.

One of my favorites is his inhabiting a modern Babbit in The Girl in the Cafe
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The Arcadia sounds unmissable. Where might I find this? (Easy Google/Amazon/library is yielding zilch.)
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ooh, the podcast looks good. Congrats!