sovay: (Claude Rains)
sovay ([personal profile] sovay) wrote 2017-09-10 02:38 am (UTC)

I had SUCH a crush on both Evie and Ardeth.

That is thoroughly understandable.

I think I noticed Rachel Weisz first in The Constant Gardener (2005), then really started paying attention to her after Agora (2009). She's been solidly on my radar ever since. The Mummy would definitely have done it sooner, though.

(His character was supposed to die, but everyone liked him so much that they just kept him around.

Hah! I was right! Good call. The only problem with Ardeth Bay is there isn't enough of him.

(Partly because Vosloo had worked in pulps so long that he knew ALL the zero dollar shortcuts.)

Oh, nice! I did notice that they used practical effects, which I always like in part because I find they hold up where the plausibility of CGI comes and goes, but I had no idea one of their stars was also an advisor.

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