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sovay ([personal profile] sovay) wrote 2017-09-10 01:56 am (UTC)

I expected absolute crap and was delighted by what I got. (See also: Pitch Black.)

That sounds like my experience with Pacific Rim (2013): I didn't expect it to be crap, but I expected it to be big and dumb and fun and mostly we just needed to stare at something for a couple of hours and what we got was big and smart and fun and currently still my favorite Guillermo del Toro, Crimson Peak (2015) notwithstanding. I love when movies do that. I have to say, I think you got the better end of the deal with The Mummy than The Phantom Menace.

(Pitch Black is delightful. I've seen it twice now, liked it better the second time, suspect it will hold up to a third viewing.)

Rachel Weisz has all these little touches that the camera doesn't even call attention to, like after O'Connell decks Jonathan to the ground in the prison and then she steps right over her brother's prone body to go on questioning him.

Yes! I love that while she looks like the prim librarian archetype with her glasses and her shirtwaist dresses, she really isn't, even from the start. Librarian, yes. Prim, no. No one in the film is quite what they look like, which is why it works.

(On the topic of Imhotep's eyes: that was supposed to be part of why he mistook Evie for Anck-su-namun in their first encounter. But the story more or less ignores the question of his bad vision after that.)

Well, that was totally not clear. I just figured Evie was some kind of distant relative of Anck-su-namun's on her mother's side.

The script manages to pull off that thing Hollywood thinks is impossible, which is the married couple who protag together without some ham-handed attempt to inject romantic tension back into their relationship (OH MY GOD THEY'RE GONNA BREAK UP etc). It also has a kid protagonist who is, by the standards of such things, relatively non-obnoxious; he's believably the child of his parents and uses his brain, at least some of the time.

[personal profile] spatch mentioned both of these aspects, which sound very attractive to me. Chances are good that I'll try it, although I'm not sure about the rest.

Though I give them props for finding an in-story reason to explain recasting Evie.

Since I don't expect ever to see it, may I ask? I can't imagine anyone but Rachel Weisz in the role.

The one thing I know about the plot of the second sequel is that it shifts the action from Egypt to China, which on some level leaves me sorry that all of the main characters—played by their original actors—did not simply star in a long-running series of international mummy movies, because there would have been so much scope for it. The Carnahan-O'Connells meet the Chinchorro mummies. The Carnahan-O'Connells meet the Pazyryk mummies. The Carnahan-O'Connells meet a bog body, albeit they just thought they were going to visit their father's cousins in Ireland. ("No, this didn't happen when Mother and Father took us for Christmas! Do they just follow us now?") I'm not surprised at the existence of the fandom; they are all characters you want more of.

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