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I don’t care much for either of the sequels, but you may enjoy The Scorpion King, (the third movie, mentioned above) which is sort of an indirect spin-off of the series. The first sequel introduced an undead villain called The Scorpion King, played by a mostly-CGI Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. In his own movie, he’s an apparently unrelated, heroic “Akkadian*” warrior who gets hired to kill a sorcerer working for a tyrannical conqueror named Memnon. Hijinks ensue, the comedy relief and kid sidekicks are actually not especially annoying, there are a fairly significant number of PoC actors in heroic roles, and a few tropes get subverted.
*Akkadians in this movie’s universe seem to basically be Cimmerians, in that they’re tough but honest barbarian warriors who are virtually extinct.

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