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handful_ofdust ([personal profile] handful_ofdust) wrote in [personal profile] sovay 2017-09-04 05:41 pm (UTC)

I covered Nadja, btw! My God, Elina Lowenssohn is gorgeous. And I'm really, really glad you liked both Near Dark and The Hunger so much. At the time, The Hunger was the most visually exciting film I'd ever seen, especially in its initial sequence--the idea of so much intercutting, all these vaguely sifted narratives commenting on each other, resonating with each other, providing imagistic assonance, made me dizzy and happy. The ending wasn't satisfying for me at the time, because it seemed just as unlikely and illogical as the ending of Near Dark, without the emotional closure. But I'm okay with it now, because I kind of have to be.

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