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lost_spook ([personal profile] lost_spook) wrote in [personal profile] sovay 2017-09-03 08:44 am (UTC)

I still need to see that. Denholm Elliott.

Oh, yes. He's rather an enjoyably troll-y Dracula. After all, if you can turn up at dinner parties and mock people while making vampire innuendoes as well as biting them, why not? It' an odd one, because it does feel a little as if someone put a bunch of my favourite 60s TV actors in a studio somewhere and told them to do Dracula (possibly without much prior warning and enjoyably random actor choices), but on the other hand it's also in outline it's a really interesting and well-cast adaptation with lots of thoughtful and imaginative touches and the two filmed sequences are lovely - it does make you wonder what it could have been like if they'd had the cash and the time to do it all on film. Par for the course for British 1960s home-grown telly, really, but still.

Whereas the 1977 (so far), despite being studio-bound, isn't any less watchable than most films of the period, which is pretty impressive for the BBC. (Although if a person could take away some of their SFX budget and give it to the 1968 version for use in more location sequences, we would have the best of all possible worlds. Probably.)

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