sovay: (Sydney Carton)
sovay ([personal profile] sovay) wrote 2017-09-02 06:58 pm (UTC)

Constantine's not that bad if you can disassociate it from the comic, and I like the cast (not just Swindon.)

I was not able to disassociate it from the comic the one time I caught it on TV with friends, but since what we got when we changed the channel was the 2005 Fantastic Four, we watched the rest of Constantine anyway.

(I'm not Catholic myself, but do they still refuse funeral mass for suicides? I thought at some point they had decided to give the deceased the benefit of the doubt.)

I asked the internet and according to Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery in San Francisco, the Church now recognizes that suicide is an act deserving of compassion rather than condemnation and does not deny Catholic burial to those who died by it. Which is nice to know!

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