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sovay ([personal profile] sovay) wrote 2017-09-01 04:47 pm (UTC)

Which are the ones to avoid with tongs?

Freebie and the Bean (1974), which I had always thought was a kind of early buddy-cop comedy, turns out to involve a murderous transvestite or trans person who is shot to death by one of the heroes in a fashion which makes much of exposing the male body beneath the female clothes; for additional demonization, they are in a women's room at the time. There was also something called The Detective (1968) which I had never heard of, but which includes a closeted, self-loathing character who goes cruising and then murders the man who takes him home in a scene which was probably meant to play as the tragedy of the closeted man but instead plays like slasher horror for the man whose apartment it is, who was trying to be gentle with his visibly fidgety pickup—he tries to de-escalate, he fights back, he even tries to call the police, but gets his head bashed in first. Both of those pretty much immediately took themselves off the list of movies I would want to watch for fun. There was also a brief clip from a comedy called Night Shift (1982), which went by in the montage of casual punch-line homophobia: the nebbishy protagonist lamenting that a night in jail is the worst, most degrading thing that could happen to him, until his gym bunny cellmate unfolds a newspaper page of cut-out valentines and winks at him, at which the protagonist turns his eyes sadly to heaven: "I was wrong." That one looked like an example of a movie that could be otherwise enjoyable unless or until a knock at your particular axis of marginalization leapt out and bit you, but it would bite me. I'm also not sure I need to see Suddenly, Last Summer (1959), The Children's Hour (1961), or Walk on the Wild Side (1962), but those were more no thanks and less WTFBBQ NO.

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