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Stranded ghosts where I've been waiting

I looked at the calendar, Ray.

The HFA's all-night half-marathon this year is vampires. Of that lineup, I have seen only the Hammer Dracula (1958), but some of the rest—Near Dark (1987), The Hunger (1983), Dracula's Daughter (1936)—I've had designs on for years. This should be great. People are going to be so nervous, stepping out into the ash-making sunlight at the end of that long, bloody night.

I see also from the October and November calendars that the archive appears to be embarking on a William Wellman retrospective. The trick here will not be living in the theater for most of the fall. I've seen a number of the titles announced so far, but hardly any of them on a big screen—they're pre-Code, they turn up on TCM. I know I want to see Night Nurse (1931), Heroes for Sale (1933), and Wild Boys of the Road (1933) because they are three of my favorite pre-Code movies, period. Maybe Other Men's Women (1931) just because I like Grant Withers and all five minutes of James Cagney in it so much. Safe in Hell (1931) is one of those titles you can't turn down. I've been seeing stills of cross-dressed Louise Brooks in Beggars of Life (1928) for years. For some reason I always forget he directed Nothing Sacred (1937) and think of it as an unusually cynical Frank Capra.

I'd ask why I have a real job except I worry it would trigger irony, so I'll just wish I had a real job with more time to write about movies.

Budget also couldn't hurt.
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I love The Hunger. It's one of my favourite movies. And Near Dark of really good fun.
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I clicked through to say exactly this :)
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[personal profile] elaiel 2017-08-24 05:50 am (UTC)(link)
I love vampire movies. I've seen loads, good, bad and indifferent alike. The Hunger has the most jaw-droppingly awesome cast and then Near Dark also has the bonus of having half the cast of Aliens in it, another movie that I love.
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A real job with more time to write about movies is the dream. Also, that is a stellar line-up of movies. I am thoroughly envious you get to go to that.
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A quick chorus of 'any old irony'? :o)
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[personal profile] kenjari 2017-08-22 12:43 pm (UTC)(link)
The Hunger is so good - it's very 80s in such a wonderful way. And it has David Bowie!
I like Near Dark, too. It has most of the cast of Aliens in it and is also wonderfully 80s.
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It has most of the cast of Aliens in it
Heh heh, snap! I just wrote exactly the same thing before seeing your post!

Now I need to watch Near Dark again.
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Dracula's Daughter (1936) is definitely a good one.
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Dracula's Daughter would be great to see on a big screen. The opening sequence of The Hunger must have launched a thousand goths.