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The water's at your neck, there's lightning in your teeth

This is not even an interim con report, because I slept approximately an hour before my panel on lycanthropy at nine this morning and I have spent most of the afternoon either at other people's readings or mooching around the dealer's rooms (I have three beautiful postcards by Darrell Tutchton and a half-pack of Dwight Frye character cards that I bought from the aptly monikered Mike Hunchback) and in slightly less than an hour I have to moderate a panel on the Lovecraftian erotic, but as we were passing through the lobby of the Biltmore Hotel I spied a flatscreen TV with the sound off and the text crawl at the bottom of the screen confirmed that Bannon is out of the White House, so I'm sure all sorts of unpleasantness will spin off that with his Breitbart base—roll on the globalist conspiracies—but at the moment it feels like genuinely good news out of our government and it's been a long time since that happened. Oh, and earlier today I was handed a translucent lime-green plastic tentacle, so I have been carrying it around in my coat like a reasonable person: in other words, there is a tentacle in my pocket, but I'm still happy to see you. So far, NecronomiCon, so good.
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Dwight Frye character cards!!!
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Egads! I want to see them!
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in other words, there is a tentacle in my pocket, but I'm still happy to see you.

LOL. <3
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I saw that Bannon had gone.

No great loss, but he's nasty propagandist.

Trump may have 'lost' his Goebbels, but he'll not stop pushing Trump and Trumpism via his sordid little rag.

Who's next, I wonder?
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I'm not entirely sure he'll push Trump. He might very well be anti-Trump in some sense from here on, continuing his stated aim of pushing chaos. Divide and devastate.