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did you like it?

Frozen is miles better than The Little Mermaid (at which some classmates and I laughed during high school, so perhaps not a high bar), but in general I'm underexposed to Disney films, esp. recentish ones, and I'm happy to leave it thus. I haven't seen Brave, e.g., which I might like if I did see it. Frozen certainly captured the imaginations of little kids beyond the direct result of marketing exposure, however: in Reason's preschool class of yore, there were four or five Halloween Elsas, and one was a boy (with an older sister).

The bit from Frozen that I'm thinking of is the very end of "For the First Time in Forever," which is mostly not on YT as a clip. Here's a Thai fan version. Their English subs aside, during the last few seconds (as Anna skips towards the waterfront) the words are, "For the first time in forever / For the first time in forever / Nothing's in my way," and then she trips.

I haven't seen Moana entire yet. (Spoilers don't matter--just didn't want to imply by accident that I have.)

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