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I know that I ran across the conceit in a book of paranormal encounters I read back in the 1970s, particularly in reference to a haunting involving a bisected ghost from the...1800s, I think? Her bottom half and top half could be observed wandering a certain track through the castle grounds, and anyone who tried to interfere by stepping in front of one or the other section would suffer. Oh, and there's another haunting from the 1700s that involves a French novitiate who was debauched and abandoned by her British lover; she turned up at his home, only to be struck down by his carriage as she stood in front of it, pleading with him to stop and take her back. Afterwards, he was haunted by the constant sight of that encounter replaying itself every time he tried to leave the house--he'd hear his own carriage running her down, plus her screams, then see her lifting her gory head towards him and smiling, even after the phantom wheels had already cracked her skull. Sounds like a loop to me, although there might be some malignant personality attached to it as well. She never spoke to him, that I remember.

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