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sovay ([personal profile] sovay) wrote 2017-08-02 08:56 pm (UTC)

It amuses me that the characters Vincent Price plays in William Castle's films (this one and The Tingler) might more easily solve their problems in divorce court, but instead they opt for haunted houses and fear-lobsters.

[personal profile] spatch and I were talking about this afterward! It is clearly much more feasible to plan and execute elaborate murder schemes in the world of House on Haunted Hill than it is in this one. Cook has the line about how none of the murders on Haunted Hill have ever been "just ordinary . . . they've all been sort of wild, violent, different," but that does not explain things like Price's ability to rig up a life-size basement-walking marionette with a skeleton he just fished out of an acid bath—or the fact that two of the other characters come in with an equally baroque plot that depends on even more inexplicable acts of the faked supernatural. Or the way everyone apparently accepts "whoops, fell into the acid bath" as a reasonable resolution for all the abovementioned shenanigans. All right, then!

If you want to check out more Castle films, I'd recommend The Night Walker.

Thanks! May I ask why that one in particular?

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