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You think it's gone, my friend, but it comes back again

I have sprained my thumb. At least, I have no other explanation for a restricted range of movement, a considerable amount of pain, and twinges and aches that run down into the heel of my hand whenever I try to grasp something, with the result that I cannot perform a lot of normal daily tasks with my right hand, don't even ask about texting. I don't know what caused it. For about a week I thought it was getting better, and as of yesterday it definitely is not. We just made dinner and now half my hand is on strike. Typing is considerably slower than it should be. This is especially aggravating because I saw two movies yesterday that I want to write about. Unrelatedly, I would like to sleep at night again, sometime, ever.
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There are many times when I wish I had healing powers....
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That sounds extremely unpleasant (not to mention inconvenient!).
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I'm going to implicate the sandwich. Sandwiches are untrustworthy.

Since you've probably seen the doctor by now, I hope there has been effective treatment that will produce results.
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Should you maybe get it looked at? You might want a thumb brace.
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Are you, like me, a woman of a certain age? I sympathize on the sleep issues. Fortunately, I live in a state that has legalized marijuana, and indica edibles have helped me a lot - my problem is that I can easily fall asleep but always wake after 2-3 hours and can't fall asleep again, and ~3g of THC plus a bit of CBD seems to keep my brainweasels at bay so I can fall back asleep okay after a relatively short time.
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I am a woman of a certain age; IIRC Sovay is nearly twenty years younger than I.
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I may have asked you this before, but: HAVE you tried medical marijuana on this?
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Oh no! I hope it gets better soon.
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Ow! I'm sorry to hear it.
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That sounds dreadful. :( Hope it heals up quickly!
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I hope your thumb heals soon!

I caused similar-sounding pain to my left thumb in grad school by holding hardcover books with one hand; I imagine that there are quite a few ways to such a result, regardless. (In my case it subsided some time after I . . . quit holding hardcover books with one hand.)
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Ouch! If it's still this way tomorrow, I hope you will see a doctor. You need that hand to write with. And cook, and stroke little cats...

I hope it's merely a sprain, and will respond well to treatment.


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As one who broke both thumbs years back (Motorcycle accident) I sympathise greatly!
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They did although they both have a slightly strange curve to them. :o)
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Aw, I'm sorry on both fronts! I hope progress happens on both asap!
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Ach. Healing thoughts being sent your way.
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As a regular haver of finger/hand/wrist pain, you have ALL my empathies as well as my sympathies.

Injuries like your thumb injury are so annoying!

They get in the way of eg turning light switches on/off; drinking mugs of tea; eating dinner.
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Thank you! ^_^

Both hands/wrists are somewhat sore today - especially the right - because I

a) DARED to have a shower and wash my hair! (I have SUPER-short hair because my hands HATE washing my hair. And forget about EVER brushing or combing it - I had to choose a hairstyle that can cope with literally never being brushed or combed.)

b) DARED to pick up and move a traffic cone / witches hat that was blocking the top of the wheelchair ramp

but by all accounts, neither of them are as bad as your thumb is right now! <3