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That's cool. May I ask?
Scots sniper, played by one of the actors from Trainspotting; has a lot of nightmares; is too shaky to take out someone shooting from a bell tower – someone recently pointed out that normally in a movie when one of the good guys fails to kill an enemy in this way, it’s setting him up to redeem himself by making the kill later – but in this case Diana literally punches out the church tower. Later, as the townsfolk celebrate their liberation, Steve hears his buddy singing in the local café and notes that it’s the first time in years – when, the next day, the sniper apologizes for being no use to the mission, Diana smiles and says “but who will sing for us?”

Steve -- during the same celebration scene, Diana, watching the townspeople, asks about civilian family life in Man's World when not in the middle of a war. Steve awkwardly lists having breakfast, reading the paper, children and growing old together. "What's it like?" Diana asks. Steve pauses before admitting "I have no idea." Given how Steve is portrayed in the rest of the movie, I don't think the scene is trying to say "Steve Trevor is too footloose to settle down," I think it's saying "Steve fights to protect those who still have a chance to go back to civilian life, but he personally has given up any hope of that."

Does it have flamethrowers?

Not as such, but one of the villains is very into poison gas.

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