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sovay ([personal profile] sovay) wrote2017-06-10 04:39 am

Or butch or femme or cis or trans

It is Pride in Boston and this year it feels especially political, what with the current administration being generally full of homophobic, transphobic embarrassments to ass clowns. Here is a selection of more than usually queer things I have had published on the internet in recent years. Most are poems; three are flash; two are short stories. Some ghosts. Minor autobiography. I regret nothing about Shakespeare/Marlowe.

"Persephone in Hel" (Stone Telling #3, 2011)
"The Clock House" (Stone Telling #7, 2012)
"Lyric Fragment" (Goblin Fruit #26, 2012)
"The Green Man Answers the Classifieds" (inkscrawl #4, 2012)
"In the Firebird Museum" (Stone Telling #8, 2012)
"Ψάπφοι Σελάννα" (Apex Magazine #47, 2013) [notes]
"The True Alchemist" (Not One of Us #51, 2014)
"In Winter" (Lackington's #3, 2014)
"Anonymity" (Mythic Delirium 1.2, 2014)
"After the Red Sea" (Goblin Fruit #35, 2014)
"ζῆ καὶ βασιλεύει" (Ideomancer 14.1, 2015)
"On Two Streets, with Three Languages" (Interfictions #7, 2015)
"Skerry-Bride" (Devilfish Review #16, 2016)
"Vocatio" (Twisted Moon #1, 2016) [notes]

My plans for the day include wearing Sir Fabulous the Third and seeing a movie with lesbians. I admit this does not necessarily differ from a regular Saturday.

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