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sovay ([personal profile] sovay) wrote2017-06-08 11:58 pm

Look for this sign to show you're on the right track

Due to the buses of the MBTA running with their usual fine precision, we made it to Swiss Watchmaker on Church Street five minutes before they closed, so I have left my watch with them overnight and will pick it up tomorrow after noon. It is very weird not to have its weight on my left wrist; I kept shaking back my sleeve to look at nothing. I feel I did an admirable job not being spooked by the profusion of clocks in close proximity after recent viewing experiences.

Because we had been talking about Alex Cox's Revengers Tragedy (2002) on the way into Harvard Square, I pounced as soon as I saw his autobiography X Films: True Confessions of a Radical Filmmaker (2008) in the film and TV section of Raven Used Books. I am sad that I could not get my usual durian shake from Le's, but a lychee shake is still pretty decent and nobody has prohibitions against taking lychees on public transit.

We walked home circuitously, by way of Porter and Davis Squares. [personal profile] spatch thinks we were passing Bartlett Street when he spotted a fox running into a streetlit yard. (Look out, delicious rabbits.) We wondered briefly whether foxes had been the cause of the spectacularly weird screeching noises we heard a couple of nights ago, but recourse to the internet suggests it was a family of raccoons.

All things considered, this has been a really nice day. I am going to catch up on politics (and decompress with Sapphire & Steel) and then I am going to bed. Have an ancient Roman transit map.

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