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sovay ([personal profile] sovay) wrote2017-06-05 12:55 am

Do you like what you're doing? Or is it that you can do nothing else?

What actually happened last night was I watched the first two-thirds of a serial of Sapphire & Steel and then did my damnedest to pass out, failed, watched the sun come up, and finally managed to fall asleep sometime after the twenty-four-hour mark. I have spent most of my day not on the internet, doing laundry, cleaning things, baking an angelfood cake with whipped cream and lemon curd. (It's for a friend of the family with a birthday tomorrow.) I have a doctor's appointment I'm not looking forward to. I should do actual work somewhere in here.

1. Talking about politics in the previous post, I realized that my original model for being catapulted unprepared into high office is not the Emperor Claudius or even George VI, but Kaliko, the Royal Chamberlain of the Nome King Ruggedo in L. Frank Baum's Tik-Tok of Oz (1914). It was my favorite Oz book when I was in elementary school and Kaliko was my favorite character in it. In hindsight he's kind of a shoo-in: kindhearted, harassed, hates his job. He spends most of his days managing his short-tempered king's bad life decisions (and dodging the heavy objects that get thrown at him in the process; Ruggedo also threatens at one point to turn him into a potato and make Saratoga chips out of him) and his nights writing himself wistful letters of recommendation against the day when he can look for work in a less hazardous household. He hides the heroine in his own room when Ruggedo has an army of nomes out looking for her and is rewarded with a kingdom for his kindness: asked point-blank by a dragon (it's a long story; there are fairy politics involved) if he thinks he could do a better job of ruling than Ruggedo, Kaliko is so surprised that all he can stammer is, "Well, I couldn't be a worse King, I'm sure." He's certainly pretty decent for the rest of the book.

(He later returns as the villain in Rinkitink in Oz (1916), which struck me as so out of character at the time that I decided the book was, although I didn't have the word for it then, non-canonical. I felt vindicated to learn as an adult that Baum had originally written Rinkitink with Roquat/Ruggedo as the antagonist, shelved it for a decade, and then reworked it into current Oz continuity without changing anything about the Nome King except his name, with the unfortunate side effect of character assassination. I much prefer Kaliko in the short story "Tiktok and the Nome King" (1913), where he's still Ruggedo's Chamberlain and uses his surprisingly badass robotics skills to rebuild the thinking metal man after Ruggedo has smashed him in a fit of temper. Apparently I am not alone; I did not expect to find fanart of Kaliko on the internet, but I'm not complaining.)

2. I did that angel name meme. Due to the way my name is constructed, "Taoafiel" is somehow not as ineffable as I think it's supposed to look. I've practically heard telemarketers pronounce it.

3. [personal profile] spatch: "In other news, Mayor Joe just favorited a thing I retweeted where a proud Londoner invited Trump to fuck himself."


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