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sovay ([personal profile] sovay) wrote2017-06-01 10:25 pm

Time is only a corner, age is only a fold

Rabbit, rabbit! The primary event of today was celebrating the birthday of my best cousin [personal profile] gaudior by attending the monthly vigil in support of Black Lives Matter at First Baptist Church JP with [personal profile] rax and [personal profile] rushthatspeaks and activist baby Fox (who can now sit in a high chair at a restaurant and kick people, e.g. me, under the table) and then going for dinner at Kamado Super Fusion, where the sushi is very good and the deep-fried coconut milk is ridiculous. In their honor, here are some things that are great:

1. The pioneering comics art of Matt Baker, "a damn good-looking black man who made his living drawing damn good-looking white women at a time when talking to one could have gotten him killed." I'd seen his splendid illustration of Julie d'Aubigny, but knew nothing about the man behind it. Black, queer, spectacularly talented, and indeed damn fine-looking. I can't reproduce the best photo, so read the article by Ian McDowell and check it out.

2. Courtesy of [personal profile] handful_ofdust: I am as disappointed as the rest of you that these mermaids come from some kind of neo-noir comedy called The Nice Guys (2016) and not a full-scale lesbian mermaid romance we could all be watching right now, but for all that they are very nice mermaids. Anyway, at least that explains the tan lines.

3. The latest issue of Poetry is a centennial tribute to Gwendolyn Brooks.

4. This is a three-thousand-year-old Near Eastern pot with feet. It looks very confident in itself.


5. "Keep misbehaving, small cats."

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