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I don't believe you when you say you ain't got what I want

Public transit today was terrible. I ended up walking from Park Street to the Boston Public Library because the station closed while my train was in it. [ profile] derspatchel, attempting to meet me for dinner shortly afterward, waited half an hour at Assembly because the snafu with the Green Line caused the Orange Line to fall over. On my way home, cautiously renegotiating my relationship with the Green Line, I waited twenty minutes at North Station for a train to Lechmere.

Within this framework of failed MBTA, however, I renewed my library card at the BPL with no difficulty whatsoever, made arrangements to return and read their non-circulating copy of Leslie Howard's Trivial Fond Records (1982), walked over to Trident while Rob was stalled on the Orange Line and read three-quarters of a novel called Wittgenstein Jr (2014) by Lars Iyer, and successfully met Rob for dinner at Sweet Cheeks Q. I got home and [ profile] rushthatspeaks and [ profile] gaudior showed me the next three episodes of Steven Universe (2013–) including the one with the song that is both a terrific piece of science fiction worldbuilding and a great queer anthem. One of the few Tumblrs I follow just presented me with some nice Greek sphinxes, a Roman soldier's sidearm, and another phallic windchime, this one looking oddly as though it is starring in a children's picture book. Liz Berry's "The Black Delph Bride" is one of the best poems I've read recently, a Black Country murder ballad, with water.

On balance, it has not been a bad day.
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Oh gosh I watched that episode last week and have had the song on repeat pretty much non-stop since. I love it so much.
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It's on Soundcloud and there are a variety of extensions/apps/etc you can use to download from that:

For Chrome the one I use is

Pretty much all of the show's music is on Soundcloud at either the above or here:
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Once I started digging for specific things, the easiest way I found to find things is the playlists of the main account, which pulls out the songs-with-lyrics into "soundtrack" playlists:

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this one looking oddly as though it is starring in a children's picture book

The Girl Who Circumnavigated the World on ... oh, never mind.

I'll Be There With Bells On?

The Tintinnabulation of the Balls, Balls, Balls, Balls?

Hi Ho, Bronze?
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The windchime is charming. I thought not so much of picture books as of animation, there's a real sense of movement about it. I'm assuming that it's just fluke that the most polished area is the tider's calf...

Great poem, too - now *that* wants to be illustrated. Or sung. Or both.

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What a great collection of artifacts! I am particularly taken with the dagger, because it was clearly an everyday object, and yet the shape is so different from what you would be issued today in similar circumstances.

The phallus and rider are great. I'm going to have Phil Och's tune for The Bells in my head for a while. Thanks, [ profile] ethelmay, though I will probably now forever remember the word tintinabulum.

I'm pleased that the day balanced out well. May the trend continue ever thus.
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So that windchime is a huge phallus, attached to the back half of a horse -- which is, itself, impressively hung. Wow.
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I see... So there's a whole *genre* of "This dick is so huge that it has it's *own* dick, which is *also* huge". Learn something new every day...

(I am suddenly struck with the desire to see a fractal fascinum. Dicks all the way down...)

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The nearest modern equivalent is probably on Kindle Cover Disasters. (

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The phallus looks rather like a prototype merry-go-round animal for another age. And universe. Although the Romans totally would have built that if they had thought of it.

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The merry-go-round broke down
As we went round and round...


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I am reminded of that famous passage in Angela Thirkell's The Brandons, concerning the roundabout at the fair:

"I say [says Lydia], someone's on my cock."

"It's only my cousin Hilary," said Delia. "He won't mind changing, will you, Hilary…"

Mr Grant, really quite glad of an excuse to dismount, offered his cock to Lydia, who immediately flung a leg over it, explaining that she had put on a frock with pleats on purpose…

"I know that once Lydia is on her cock nothing will get her off."

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"The Black Delph Bride" is amazing--I read it first, then listened to her read it. It was shiversome to read and even better to listen to, and the accompanying images just right.