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gwynnega ([personal profile] gwynnega) wrote in [personal profile] sovay 2015-11-07 10:03 pm (UTC)

Jack Shepherd is still my favorite Renfield, but Dwight Frye is definitely my favorite thing about Tod Browning's Dracula. (I think giving Renfield the Jonathan Harker scenes at Castle Dracula is a brilliant move--though it does have the unfortunate effect of making Harker a much less interesting character.) The Spanish-language version of the film is much less stagey, and while we still don't see what happens to Lucy, we at least hear about it after the fact.

It is really not as stupid as it could have been.

A pretty good tagline for a B movie!

In what other decade could the protagonists attend a mainstream rock concert whose lead singer is a half-naked man in a necklace of steel chain-link playing a saxophone?

And playing really awful, overblown '80s sax, at that! Just thinking about this scene makes me burst out laughing.

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