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The bones of a million years away, bleached by the sunshine in the past few days

Happy Halloween! I will be spending my day at the Somerville Theatre, watching horror film for twelve hours. Courtesy of Michael Cisco, for people who would like only about twenty minutes of horror film: please enjoy Jules Dassin's The Tell-Tale Heart (1941). Joseph Schildkraut is so good in it, I start wishing there were a film of Liliom.

My poem "One Way or Another" is now online at Through the Gate. It was inspired by Max Ophüls' The Reckless Moment (1949), which I have now seen twice and show no signs of tiring of. The title comes from a line spoken by James Mason's Martin Donnelly, a melancholy blackmailer with confused priorities: "We're all involved with each other, one way or another."

Next year with my black cats.

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There have in fact been three filmed versions of Liliom, one silent (1919) and two with sound (1930 and 1934), with the former done by Frank Borzage and the latter directed by Fritz Lang. Lang's is in French, with Charles Boyer as Liliom. It's been released on DVD on its own (and a copy was, per Wikipedia, included on the 50th anniversary DVD edition of Carousel, presumably as Interesting Source Material). I don't know about online availability, or about the availability of Borzage's version, but I wouldn't be shocked if there were excerpts on YouTube.

Yes, you needed another old movie of two to hunt down.

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I'm glad my faith in your Fritz Lang knowledge can continue in good condition. I've only seen bits of this version; Boyer is quite louche, but I can imagine Schildkraut (although most of what I've seen of his was done when he was older) being unforgettable in that part--for Lang or anyone else.