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The sea knows where all the rocks are

I walked something like five miles today and worked until nearly five in the morning and my body does not appear to believe it needs sleep, although I am quite certain it does; I do.

[ profile] derspatchel and I visited the MFA briefly tonight. There are three new galleries in the classical wing; I only got as far as the one dedicated to the art of Homeric epic before the museum closed and kicked us out, though Rob reports to my great delight that one of my favorite erotic kylices is back on display. I photographed this marble fragment of a siren through the glass:

(Phone caption as I mailed it to myself: "Mourning Siren, then we got thrown out of gallery.")

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when I see some of the classical statuary, I try to envision them as they were first new, painted and dressed. Then I think about how they would be painted and dressed in todays fashions and colors.

I spend a lot of time giggling in museums.

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They've been repairing/restoring for what seems like years a sarcophagus in their tiny Etruscan room, which has been closed as a result. Is that one of the galleries that has been added?

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That Etruscan room sounds amazing! Why would they get rid of it? Really love the siren, too.

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That is a lovely body she has, and that hand :-)

There's something about her missing limbs and her anxious expression that makes me think she's dissolving, or transforming, against her will--she looks a bit like Daphne or someone like that.

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I know it's a quiver of arrows over there on the left but it looks suspiciously (and intentionally?) like something else.

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I had rather the same reaction, but I perhaps should not have shared.

Also, in an unrelated note, I'm watching Time Team and they're arguing over a note they're composing to the local tutelary spirit.

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Or rather, arguing over the Latin in the note they're writing.

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Time Team was a concept show pitched by Tony Robinson of Black Adder fame. The concept was 'three days of archeology at high speed (for archeology) to determine whether a site should be preserved for conservation and further excavation'. Their goal was to find things, but not dig them all up, so that the future can have a crack at them. The show ran from 1994 until quite recently, when one of the chief archeologists passed away. They did try to do a more commercial reboot, which was apparently an utter failure.

The program features a lot of amazing bits of archeological geekery, some truly epic jumpers (worn by Mick), some very disreputable hats (worn by Phil) and some really epic recreations of practices of the time. The show runs about an hour per episode, and I think we have all of it digitally. There were about 12 episodes a year, I think, as it was basically a once a month project for the basic crew.

They often find entire habitations, pottery (hence the icon), jewelry, coins, and infrequently, bones. The period ranges all over the map from digging up a missing bomber all the way back to pre-Roman sites. I recommend it and can DropBox you some if you enjoy that sort of thing.

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Yeah, cartoonishly lascivious is exactly right! If he had a mustache, he'd twirl it. If he had mobile eyebrows, he'd waggle them.

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They know and mourn.

Maybe that's what makes their songs so dangerous--maybe it's the hopelessness of their grief--maybe as immortal (semi-immortal) creatures watching a mortal world? And maybe it's not love of the beauty of their song but a sense of existential despair that sends people to the rocks.

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