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Hearts on a string like an old-fashioned phone can

This is not about Abbie, but it wants signal-boosting. Please get this as far outside my immediate social circles as possible.

As briefly alluded to, [ profile] derspatchel and I are now looking for an apartment together for September. If you've got any leads on two- or three-bedroom places in the Davis area that are cat-friendly, hardwood-floored, and not astronomically costly, we'd love to hear about them.

Given that we are moving out of separate housemate situations, however, there are people we really need not to leave hanging. Here's where the signal-boosting comes in.

[ profile] adrian_turtle needs someone to take over my half of the lease from September to March. We're the second floor of a triple-decker in Winter Hill, about twenty minutes from Davis Square if you like walking and about five minutes from seven different buses if you don't. Quiet, sunny, you can fit a hell of a lot of books into the place. Further details can be found in Adrian's post here.

[ profile] ratatosk needs one or more someones to join him on Hall Avenue starting in September. House is a gorgeous old pile of a Philadelphian with the kind of five-minute walk to Davis that realtors go into narcotic raptures about. Tenant once recited me the poetry of Walter Garstang the first time we hung out. He doesn't have a linkable listing, so LJ-ping him for further details.

I am not one of nature's real estate agents, but I am under the impression an astonishing amount of people want to live in Somerville. (If not, I don't know why they charge the rents they do around here.) If you are looking, if you know anyone who's looking, point them in this direction; I hope they'll check out both of these situations.

Besides, if this works, it'll keep me from having to learn how to use Craigslist.
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You may want to advertise one or both of these on [personal profile] copperbadge's next Radio Free Monday post. See also my PM.
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Cat-friendly with wood floors: would you like me to check with my landlord whether either of the upstairs units is available?
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My landlord said this building is full, but he asked what your price range is.

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Wishing all of you good fortune. I'll keep an ear out.

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can you get me contact info for ratatosk? I know someone who might be perfect...

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Have you sent this to teenybuffalo? She has a real estate license and also knows your taste in tenants.

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