ext_13165 ([identity profile] handful-ofdust.livejournal.com) wrote in [personal profile] sovay 2012-07-08 03:24 am (UTC)

I keep hoping that the reason Turner Classic Movies features anything is that they've gotten the rights to re-release it. Anything else seems a bit of a tease and a cheat.

Otherwise: So glad you liked it as much as I thought you would, and I have very little to add. I can't wait to see the earlier scenes of this.

BTW: Tonight, at Polaris, I was surprised as hell to discover three Cagney movies lying in wait in a box of sci-fi and horror movies. They were Torrid Zone, The Bride Came C.O.D. and (I shit you not) The Fighting 69th.;)

Also, this morning Cal suddenly announced to Mom: "Many people enjoy watching The Aristocats." Like: "Survey says!" and "Just puttin' that out there!" "Do you want to see The Aristocats, Cal?" "I want to see The Aristocats please, Mai-Mai."

So obviously, this is what I should be doing--stopping in my tracks and suddenly announcing, to the universe at large: "Now is the time that Gemma should get a movie option." "Many people enjoy buying the Hexslinger series." "Survey says: Gemma should get a three-book contract."

Ah, Cal. Life would be so much simpler, if you ran things.

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