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With mistletoe and candle green, to Halloween we go

I have not yet collated or uploaded any of the photographs from last Saturday's Halloween party. Nonetheless, I took a few tonight.

The tarasque is a shy beast.

The sun is anyone's prey now.

Happy Halloween.

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Lovely photographs!

The tarasque is adorable, and I particularly love the sky-shot. The pumpkins are nicely done, especially the yin-yang one. I'm annoyed with myself for not getting a turnip and carving it, although I suppose it wouldn't make any difference--we live too far out to get any trick-or-treaters, and it's not as if I'm hanging round home in any event.

Happy Halloween.

Thanks! Happy Halloween to you as well!

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(the cat one is my fave)

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You're welcome.

Your family and friends and yourself do a lovely job with the pumpkins. It was difficult to pick a favourite.

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I tried carving a turnip once. I have come to the conclusion that it is something to while away those long winter evenings-- several of those evenings, in fact, as I think it would have taken me the entire month of November to get the damn thing hollowed out.

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Interesting. I expected it would take longer than a pumpkin, but I suppose I shouldn't be so surprised it would take that much longer. Thanks for the warning!

My Irish teacher told us one time that when he was a boy in Gaoth Dóbhair they still made lanterns of turnips for Oíche Shamhna. I'll try to remember to ask him next week how they used to hollow them out.

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If there is a trick to it, I'd love to know. (Blasted thing broke one of my good knives.)

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You want a small sharp knife. You slice the top off with a big knife, and hollow that with the small knife, then stick the small knife in and whittle out blocks, not even thinking about eyes etc until you're well into it. The swede/rutabaga you remove goes into soup.

I've done this lots of times, but I don't do it any more because North American Halloween is so unpleasant for so far in advance that I never feel like celebrating it at all. My downstairs neighbours have a dead baby on the doorstep -- I mean it's a doll, but... yuck. I don't feel about it the way you feel about spiders, but walking in past it has been distressing nevertheless.

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My downstairs neighbours have a dead baby on the doorstep -- I mean it's a doll, but... yuck.

My goodness, that's deeply ugly. You've my sympathy--it can't be pleasant to live so close to folk who find that cute, or funny, or whatever it is that makes them think such a thing is worth having on their doorstep.

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If there is a trick to it, I'd love to know.

An he tells me one, I'll be sure to pass it on.

(Blasted thing broke one of my good knives.)

Goodness, that's unpleasant.

BTW, I noticed on your userinfo that you went to CSG. I hope you don't mind my asking, but did you know Andi B.? We grew up showing horses together, and her mother's a good friend of my mother's.

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It isn't that bad. But it isn't easy.

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So nice! The jack o'lanterns on the steps are so bright, and the sky so November mysterious, and the tarasque, just a delight.

I made a kabuki mask jack o'lantern; I'll upload him shortly.

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Thank you! As are you, bien sûr.

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I particularly like the sky shot too. A net to catch the sun, flushed from Tethys' bed.

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Funny, seeing your front steps, the view of the sky from those steps and the board at the end of the kitchen island somehow solidify my missing of you. The green squash-creature (tarasque) is really cute btw :)

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You're right, it never fails to amaze me how its not the big things that trigger a surfacing of how difficult it truly is to live so far away from you... Its just like the old adage; "the devil is in the details."

As for my halloween, I just now finished taking nearly three hours to type it up, it was that good :) I'm sure its full of grammatical errors and so on but I'll deal with that later.

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I love the tarasque. Also the pumpkins. All of them.

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... and a Blessed Samhain and happy Hallowe'en to you as well !!!

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Marvellous shiversome pictures.