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I am also reminding myself that depression accompanies long respiratory illness, so I should not take it personally that on a springlike afternoon right out of a watercolor I feel like I'm waiting for the heat death of the universe. It is my other anniversary with [personal profile] spatch, the date when we became a couple. We will celebrate tonight when he gets off work. Have some really disparate links.

1. Courtesy of [personal profile] larryhammer: Postmodern Jukebox covers "Pinky and the Brain," with special guests Rob Paulsen and Maurice LaMarche. The Pippi Longstocking answer was the first one I ever heard and I still love it.

2. Courtesy of [personal profile] selkie: Wittgenstein Plays Scrabble.

3. I am fascinated by this 1980 pamphlet from the Janus Information Facility because it is doing its best to encourage both the healthy expression of masculinity by women and the healthy self-realization of trans men without sidelining one group into the other. It's not perfect, but it's unequivocally supportive, as when addressing the concerns of trans men about their sex lives: "You CAN satisfy your partner AND satisfy yourself . . . There are a lot of attractive desirable men who are A-1 lousy lovers. It is not unusual to discover that a man who seems to have everything to offer in actuality has nothing. Make a special point of observing other men. Especially look for stereotypical 'masculine' qualities in them and evaluate yourself in comparison. You may discover that, when it comes right down to it, YOU have more 'balls' than a lot of men!" Found via a comprehensive article about the much less charming misgendering of Dr. James Barry.

4. David Schraub on "How to Avoid the Trap of the House Antisemitism Resolution": "Or put differently, and with apologies to Max Rose, the House shouldn't write a chickenshit antisemitism resolution. The first step to changing the bad optics of the resolution is to change its bad reality, and that means holding the active forms of conservative antisemitism accountable too . . . The fact is, it is a trap to agree to the premise that the fight against antisemitism in America boils down to a fight against Ilhan Omar. It is a trap stemming from the right — which wishes to pretend as if their own antisemitism isn't real and doesn't matter; and it is equally a trap emanating from the left — which wishes to frame the fight against antisemitism as nothing more than the fight to silence politicians like Ilhan Omar." Well, that's an entire garbage fire I hadn't seen going up in a roar.

5. Courtesy of [personal profile] umadoshi: "The Concept Creep of 'Emotional Labor.'" I was especially struck by this point: "It seems like this is mostly becoming a popular term in feminist conversations. But if we talk about all the unpaid labor women do in the home as 'emotional labor,' we're insinuating that any kind of labor that falls most often to a woman is 'emotional.' It almost seems like we're saying that women do the work and women are emotional, so that must be emotional work. Like chores are just labor. Writing Christmas cards is just labor."

6. Whatever happened between Nathaniel Hawthorne and Herman Melville, I am sorry it was not fully reciprocated, because imagine receiving love letters from Melville on the regular: "If the world was entirely made up of [magicians], I'll tell you what I should do. I should have a paper-mill established at one end of the house, and so have an endless riband of foolscap rolling in upon my desk; and upon that endless riband I should write a thousand—a million—billion thoughts, all under the form of a letter to you. The divine magnet is in you, and my magnet responds."

7. Steeling my stomach, I did go looking after all to see what the hell had happened with Mark Robson's Trial (1955). Lo and behold: Daniel J. Leab, "From Even-Handedness to Red-Baiting: The Transformation of the Novel 'Trial'." That's damning even without access to the full article. Now I have to decide if I want to track down the novel. I did similar research once with Girl of the Port (1930) and the results were illuminating, but I still really wanted to take a shower afterward. [edit] [personal profile] muccamukk says it's not worth it. Hurrah for bullets dodged.
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