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Two things before I run off to try for Dorothy Arzner's Get Your Man (1927) with live music at the Somerville Theatre—

The University of Manchester has discovered hitherto unknown papers of Alan Turing. None of them illuminate much about his emotional life between 1949 and 1954, but apparently his opinion of America had plummeted since 1936. At Princeton, he had mostly been puzzled: "The Americans have various peculiarities in conversation which catch the ear somehow. Whenever you thank them for anything, they say 'You're welcome'. I rather liked it at first, thinking I was welcome, but now I find it comes back like a ball thrown against a wall, and become positively apprehensive. Another habit they have is to make the sound described by authors as 'Aha'. They use it when they have no suitable reply to a remark, but think that silence could be rude." I admit that like most people I would have enjoyed a more personal angle, but new material on Turing's research and working methods is not chopped liver.

Brain, I appreciate you dreaming about actors as a break from the panoply of global, national, and personal horror that has been on nightly repeat for months on end now, but I really don't think Bernard Hepton has a band.
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