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I had occasion tonight to open up a package of the kind of sturdy rubber gloves commonly worn for washing dishes. It had been stored under the sink since we moved in, never opened; I never remember to wear gloves while washing dishes, so there's not much point in them unless I have to do serious cleaning, which is what happened here.

I did not expect it to be a package of two left-handed gloves. Very definitely not ambidextrous: you can tell by the ribbed texture of the palms and the way the fingers curve and the fact that a left-handed dishwashing glove fits really oddly onto a person's right hand; it stretches the wrong way over the knuckles. I double-checked the package. It did not suggest anywhere that the gloves inside were not the ordinary kind of matched pair. I put them on and did the cleaning anyway.

The real problem is that I cannot say or even type "left-handed gloves" without hearing Chico and Groucho in Animal Crackers (1930): "Left-handed moths ate the painting!" I think it's the rhythm.

I wonder where I could get a package of two right-handed gloves.
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I was just informed that there will be a television adaptation of Ursula K. Le Guin's The Left Hand of Darkness (1969).

If the Gethenian characters are not cast with genderqueer actors, I will feel someone is missing the point.
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