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I know two really sweet songs about kink—

Schmekel, "Hold My Yod"

Isn't it splendid that we're chums? Aren't you glad we aren't frum?
So won't you beat me with a flogger on my bum?
You make me come in such a complicated way
Oh, what would Shmuley say?

The Spook School, "Speak When You're Spoken To"

And I'll throw my heart in your face
You can put me back, back in my place
You know I like it when you tell me what to do
Only speak, speak when I'm spoken to

—and I'm looking for a third to make a genre. [livejournal.com profile] derspatchel has suggested The Wet Spots' "Do You Take It?" but it strikes me as more straightforwardly comedic ("You're adorable, reliable / But is your anus pliable?") whereas I find the Schmekel track both funny and sweet. Also, stuck in my head. More of this sort of thing must exist even if I don't know where to look for it. What are the obvious contenders I'm missing?
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An assortment of things.

1. My contributor's copy of the latest annual not-Not One of Us publication Care arrived this afternoon, featuring my poem "The Conversation." I wrote it in early September, in frustration with the inability or refusal of all kinds of people to listen to what all kinds of other people were saying. Now I'm thinking the country's ability to listen might be getting better, but the government's got its ears full of alternative facts, so the poem's still sadly relevant. Anyway, Care contains very fine work by Patricia Russo, Herb Kauderer, Davian Aw, and Francesca Forrest among others and it doesn't cost you more than four bucks for a copy, so check it out and help support one of the oldest small press print 'zines in the field. Also, send work. This is a good time for outsiders to speak up.

2. [personal profile] siderea discusses the internal and external effects of the Women's March for America, with an emphasis on intersectionality. The New Yorker explores similar questions. I think it's what everyone who joined or just observed the marches is wondering: if everyone in this country who was willing to mobilize for a world-spanning protest march can be counted on for even small, continuing actions of resistance, then where next? What is the most effective direction of this energy? How do we hold on to those feelings of community and angry joy? How do we make sure it's even more inclusive and radical the next time? One out of every hundred Americans is not a negligible resource.

3. Poetry has collected poems of protest, resistance, and empowerment. Rattle's Poets Respond has been on fire lately. I didn't even know the Academy of American Poets had commissioned a series of poems for national parks. Thomas McCarthy's "Slow Food" and Sally Wen Mao's "Resurrection" also got my attention.

4. This is a nice set of pie charts about bisexuality.

5. This is a nice gif about punching Nazis.

6. This is a nice obituary for Miguel Ferrer, but I'm still pretty annoyed he's dead.

7. On a general theory of putting my money where my mouth was on Saturday, next week I am planning to take a workshop on becoming an active bystander and attend the next meeting of Jewish Voice for Peace and a vigil in support of Black Lives Matter. I had better not get sick before then.

I had such weird dreams last night, they deserve their own post. I have some movies I need to write up, too. I have a Burns Supper to get to first.
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