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[livejournal.com profile] derspatchel called me this evening to tell me it was hailing. I was buying what I believe are commonly called sundries from Walgreens at the time; I had walked over without precipitation, but by the time I left with my purchases there were tiny white spheres of ice bouncing off the asphalt of the parking lot and the cement of the sidewalks, rattling faintly under the white noise of the traffic and the wind. I stepped out into the street and snow fell on me exactly as if a stagehand had dumped a bucket over my head. Now that I'm back inside, I think it might be raining. Climate change is real and dangerous and I hope fervently that if the Republicans can show the self-preserving sense to back off on hamstringing the Office of Congressional Ethics, the Senate as a whole can refuse to confirm a climate change denier as head of the EPA (among other terrible ideas) if only so that the internet doesn't fall in on their heads, but in the meantime I take some weird comfort in New England's apparent refusal to break its own wait-ten-seconds rule even when it is way too warm for January.
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